Photo of Brianne Kathleen by McKenna Rachelle Photography

Personal Bio:

Hi, I’m Brianne! I’d like to think I’m mysterious and I keep people guessing… although this may be true on occasion, my secret is out – I am an honest-to-goodness dork. I sing in the bathroom, no I did not specify the shower, and yes I have used the hairbrush as a microphone. I love cheesy movies, some are ironic but most are your quintessential Hallmark-ridiculously-predictable-cheese-factor-to-the-max kind of movies. I will know almost any and every Disney song you can throw my direction, and I will burst into said song when the moment calls for it. I also now wear glasses - this is new.

I am influenced greatly by scents; it’s not always pleasant.

I love letter writing, the art and the experience. When you take a moment to write a letter, it feels as though you are talking to that person and have their complete undivided attention. When I receive a letter, I’m giddy with excitement and read every word with anticipation of the next.

I’m clearly old fashioned. My favorite stores are antique stores with a creative flair.

I’m skittish. My heart takes a long time to trust and I will not let people in easily.

I’m a nester, but I love traveling. There’s an oxy-moron for you.

I have a cat named Lovey. She lives up to the name in an incredible amount of preciousness.

I can't wait to introduce you to my latest album. I’ve worked very hard on this and I am really excited about it’s moody Rock vibe.

I’m thankful to every one of you for reading this and supporting me. There’s a lot more to list than just the things above, and my music speaks on many of those topics. If you want to know me better listen to my music, tell your friends and come out to shows – that will BEYOND make my day.

Be involved. Spread the word.







A few of my favorite local musicians:

Bradley Wik and the Charlatans

The Fraidies

Sara Morris