Better than Ryan Adams?

It's been a great year!

Thank you all so much for supporting me and being involved. 2015 will be filled with even more surprises and I'm so excited to share them with you!!!

2014 in review: 

I'm thrilled to announce that my song "Paper Bag Dreams" was picked as a top 40 song for the entire 2014 year!

Top 40 Songs of 2014

Even better than that... 

How the Rain Goes was picked as the 29th best album of 2014!

...This comes right before Ryan Adams at #30!

I must admit I am a HUGE Ryan Adams fan so I'm having a major fangirl moment.

Top 37 1/2 Albums of 2014!



In even better news...! (if that's possible)

With your generous support, I raised over $350 in support of local shelters offering aid and support to domestic violence survivors. 


You are part of the solution - thank you!

Be Involved. Spread the word.

#BrianneKathleen #HowtheRainGoes


My Favorite 2014 Moment:


Secondary favorite moment...

How the Rain Goes, available locally at Music Millennium!

Look, that's me!

End of the year.... Live Performance at Music Millennium



October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. 

This is a great opportunity to tell you about my intentionality of using the color purple on my album cover... if you haven't noticed the color purple is used to help promote awareness of domestic violence. Besides the color purple being one of my favorite colors, this particular color was chosen to help raise awareness by being a symbol of peace, courage, survival, honor and dedication to ending violence.

I believe in standing for something and more importantly standing against something wrong, standing up for those who may not have the courage to stand up for themselves.

When you purchase anything I create, you are helping end domestic violence by providing safe refuge for domestic violence survivors. 

Brianne Kathleen

Be Involved.

Spread the word.

Purple Ribbon.png




Here's a little secret...

The cover of my first album, Blue Heron Grey, was blue. Well that's not the secret, but most people thought it was the color blue because of the title. In reality... the color blue was chosen because it is the color used to recognize Child Abuse Prevention. I couldn't be more proud of what I stand for and I thank you for standing with me. 

The reason I keep singing...

Many of you out there might know that I stay quiet about my life, my past and my heart. I like being a private person, but even I know there are some things I should share - even if it's hard. I've had a wonderful upbringing and I've been blessed to be surrounded by incredible people in my life. I consider my life to be privileged and full of grace. 

I sing to release. I sing to remember. I sing to be free. I sing because I can. 

I've never wanted to do anything but sing, and even though it doesn't pay my bills, I keep singing. Even though I may be over $4,000 in a deficit to make my music. I keep singing. Some people think I should stop pursuing this goal - I can guarantee you I won't. But why? Why does someone put their heart and soul into a passion in an industry that doesn't allow for much to any success? 

I keep singing for the child who heard her mother crying at the bottom of a staircase. I keep singing for the heartache of the mother letting her child leave with the man who hurt her. I keep singing for the ache the child feels but can't explain why. I keep singing for the souls that weep at the hurt they feel. I keep singing for the silent.

The truth about domestic violence isn't pretty.

1 in every 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

I've been given a voice and an experience that can make a difference. Domestic violence may have entered my life, and many of those who surround me. Many women suffer silently, but I've been given a voice - a gift, and I choose to try and make a difference and bring hope.

Share my music and 10% of all merchandise goes to aid local women's & children's shelters in my area. Everything I've ever created, I am dedicating towards this cause.

Listen to my experiences, even if it's hard, and share my music with those who may need some encouragement. Buy an album for a friend. If you can't buy an album... 

Be involved. Spread the word.

The reason I keep singing...

is because I have a good reason to. #HowtheRainGoes



Brianne Kathleen

First Music Video!

Well, I finally released my very first music video!

A special thank you to the Mt. Hood Railroad for letting us film on your gorgeous train. We had a blast, and just to prove it here's the behind the scenes video too.

What do you think??

Please visit the Mt. Hood Railroad and take a trip of your own:

Be involved. Spread the word.




I'm overwhelmed and grateful for the response I received at my CD Release show... 

If you weren't able to attend, here's a quick video to give you an overall feel for the evening. We had a blast!


The CD Release show proceeds have been dedicated to local shelters offering support and safe refuge to domestic violence victims and we raised over $300! Thank you so much to everyone who came out...

Now it's time to purchase the CD/Merchandise and tell your friends about it! 10% of every physical item you purchase will go to the same spread the word!

Be involved. Spread the word. 


Bye now!


Well it's finally here...

You've been waiting to hear How the Rain Goes, so I'm finally letting you! haha


CD RELEASE SHOW - JULY 31st | 7pm | $7 includes CD!


proceeds go to aid local women's shelters.