The reason I keep singing...

Many of you out there might know that I stay quiet about my life, my past and my heart. I like being a private person, but even I know there are some things I should share - even if it's hard. I've had a wonderful upbringing and I've been blessed to be surrounded by incredible people in my life. I consider my life to be privileged and full of grace. 

I sing to release. I sing to remember. I sing to be free. I sing because I can. 

I've never wanted to do anything but sing, and even though it doesn't pay my bills, I keep singing. Even though I may be over $4,000 in a deficit to make my music. I keep singing. Some people think I should stop pursuing this goal - I can guarantee you I won't. But why? Why does someone put their heart and soul into a passion in an industry that doesn't allow for much to any success? 

I keep singing for the child who heard her mother crying at the bottom of a staircase. I keep singing for the heartache of the mother letting her child leave with the man who hurt her. I keep singing for the ache the child feels but can't explain why. I keep singing for the souls that weep at the hurt they feel. I keep singing for the silent.

The truth about domestic violence isn't pretty.

1 in every 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

I've been given a voice and an experience that can make a difference. Domestic violence may have entered my life, and many of those who surround me. Many women suffer silently, but I've been given a voice - a gift, and I choose to try and make a difference and bring hope.

Share my music and 10% of all merchandise goes to aid local women's & children's shelters in my area. Everything I've ever created, I am dedicating towards this cause.

Listen to my experiences, even if it's hard, and share my music with those who may need some encouragement. Buy an album for a friend. If you can't buy an album... 

Be involved. Spread the word.

The reason I keep singing...

is because I have a good reason to. #HowtheRainGoes



Brianne Kathleen