Born and raised among the evergreen forests of Oregon, Brianne Kathleen has gently surprised the Pacific NW with her incredible talent. 

"Brianne Kathleen is an artist with an amazing set of vocal chords that stand out in the city of Roses..." Ron Trembath, Trainwreck'd Society.

Local Oregon native, Brianne grew up in Salem and Southern Oregon. With an aching wanderlust she found herself living in Los Angeles and then crossed the country to live in Asheville NC, before returning to her beloved state. During this time she wrote, produced, and recorded her very first album, Blue Heron Grey – an incredible first musical memoir.

Whether or not you know Brianne, it’s easy to see everything she creates has a purpose and an intention behind it. A self-proclaimed “dork” Brianne never takes herself too seriously, even when pushing her music head first into the platform against Domestic Violence. Donating 10%+ of all proceeds towards the aid of local domestic violence shelters, Brianne still manages to keep a light air to her music while educating people on the difficult topic. Creating a stand out song on her new album called “So Afraid”, 6 guitars later and lyrics that describe the battle of fear survivors face who have experienced domestic violence, you find yourself craving more from this soapbox singer. How the Rain Goes combines Brianne’s mellifluous vocals with reflective songwriting and is a thorough mixture of Rock emotion, Folk influences and Pop sensibility.

Brianne’s new album “How the Rain Goes” is available now! 10% of all proceeds go to local domestic violence shelters. #EndDomesticViolence #HowtheRainGoes

Personal Bio:

Hi, I’m Brianne! I’d like to think I’m mysterious and I keep people guessing… although this may be true on occasion, my secret is out – I am an honest-to-goodness dork. I sing in the bathroom, no I did not specify the shower, and yes I have used the hairbrush as a microphone. I love cheesy movies, some are ironic but most are your quintessential Hallmark-ridiculously-predictable-cheese-factor-to-the-max kind of movies. I will know almost any and every Disney song you can throw my direction, and I will burst into said song when the moment calls for it. I also now wear glasses - this is new.

I am influenced greatly by scents; it’s not always pleasant.

I love letter writing, the art and the experience. When you take a moment to write a letter, it feels as though you are talking to that person and have their complete undivided attention. When I receive a letter, I’m giddy with excitement and read every word with anticipation of the next.

I’m clearly old fashioned. My favorite stores are antique stores with a creative flair.

I’m skittish. My heart takes a long time to trust and I will not let people in easily.

I’m a nester, but I love traveling. There’s an oxy-moron for you.

I have a cat named Lovey. She lives up to the name in an incredible amount of preciousness.

I can't wait to introduce you to my latest album. I’ve worked very hard on this and I am really excited about it’s moody Rock vibe.

I’m thankful to every one of you for reading this and supporting me. There’s a lot more to list than just the things above, and my music speaks on many of those topics. If you want to know me better listen to my music, tell your friends and come out to shows – that will BEYOND make my day.

Be involved. Spread the word.


Brianne Kathleen


"Brianne Kathleen is an artist with an amazing set of vocal chords that stand out in the city of Roses..." 
Trainwreck'd Society (Sep 14, 2014)
"[Listening to How the Rain Goes] I found myself driving and forgetting entirely where I really was, thanks for that."
Mallory Graham (July 31, 2014)
"[How the Rain Goes} encapsulates so many different feelings and emotions."
Quite Dainty Blog, Danielle (Sep 17, 2014)
"I am in love with this album! Wonderful songs that are relatable and honest. Brianne Kathleen has a stunning voice and the music to support it." -
"Brianne Kathleen poured her heart into her first full-length album, Blue Heron Grey. She is part of a welcome new wave of folk singers."
Inessa KINK FM 101.9 (Portland) featuring: "If I Told You" & on-air interview.
"Loving the sultry moody mix of [Brianne Kathleen's] debut album "Blue Heron Grey" - (Featuring Song: If I Told You) 
Docica Magazine (Feb 22, 2012)
"Blue Heron Grey is a beautiful folk-inspired album of a lady with a beautiful and classical voice." 
-Jan Eiesland, No Deal Music (Feb 03, 2012) 
"This album is so beautiful! Full of life, heartbreak, joy, and sorrow. Worth every penny!!!" 
Jessicarobbybrown, iTunes (Aug 31, 2011)
"5.0 out of 5 stars...Brianne's soft, lilting voice speaks volumes as she sings about her life experiences. Her debut CD is a great mix of upbeat, yet affecting songs..with a couple of more serious melodies thrown in." 
Victoria M., (Sep 26, 2011)
"This album is lush and vibrant. Brianne has such a beautiful voice and the music is intoxicating. "Blue Heron Grey" is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell with a unique raw emotion, yet satisfies your taste buds for a hook line you can sing along with. I love this album." 
Sarah, CD Baby
"I had chills listening to the entire CD. It’s heartfelt, honest and features a folk influenced vocal style. My favorite song is “Blue Heron Grey” which I played on repeat about 47 times. I’m in love with Brianne Kathleen and this new album!" 
Megan - Red Pearl Designs

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